Krasicki & Ward Emergency Preparedness Ltd.

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Booth: 2074
#102 - 310 East Kent Ave. South
Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6

Krasicki & Ward is an emergency preparedness company based in Vancouver that has been in business for over 20 years. Our motto is Be Prepared, Not Scared. K&W provides a large variety of in-house built survival kits and first aid kits. All of the kits are designed to help you and your loved ones have some peace of mind during any emergency situation. Our survival kits provide basic supplies to last an individual 72 hours. K&W offers prebuilt kits or custom kits to meet your needs and specifications. We also build search and rescue kits. K&W also carries a large variety of small items that are easily added to a glove compartment, back pack, briefcase or purse.

- Compasses - Crank Flashlights - Campers Tools - Whistles - Bear Bells – Light Sticks – Solar Radios - Waterproof Capsules - Waterproof Pouches - Emergency Stoves - Emergency Candles - Mylar Blankets - And much, much more! And of course always, SAFETY FIRST! We have a large selection of safety items, including safety glasses, hardhats, reflective vests, earplugs and respiratory masks as well as traffic safety items. Whatever your safety or emergency need, we have the products.

Stop by our booth #2074 to enter a draw for a chance to win a Personal Emergency Vehicle Kit and check out our show special!

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