Vipeq Thermal Corkshield of BC

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Booth: 1420
400 McInnis Ave.
Prince George, BC V2N 1Y7

The best part of our product is that Thermal CorkShield is a totally green,renewable, environmental product. The bark is harvested every 8-9 years from cork trees and the lifespan of the tree is 300 years plus. Everytime the bark is harvested from the tree, the tree releases oxygen into the atmosphere. There are many countries that export cork, but Portugal & Spain are the main sources. Thermal CorkShield is a spray on cork material that can be applied to any surface except vinyl. The spray on cork has a finish that looks similar to stucco but with many different properties that are exceptional.

Advantages of Thermal CorkShield:

• Thermal Insulator
• Breathable
• Energy Efficient
• Durable
• Fire Retardant will not propagate fire, won't burn
• Water resistant
• Salt air resistant
• Flexible, will not crack like stucco
• Acoustic Insulator
• Maintenance free
• 10 year warranty
• 27 colors to choose from plus custom colors available

Stop by booth #1420 as we would love to show you this fantastic product line that is sustainable and good for the planet. By applying Thermal CorkShield on your structure you're not only saving heating and cooling costs, it is also helping to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

Our motto is "Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Spray at a Time."