Sometimes an expert’s advice and guidance is all you need to get your home and garden goals on the right track. Enjoy a custom, 10-15 minute complimentary consultation with one of our local design and construction insiders and get your project on the right track. Come with questions, floor plans, and photos and ask our design, landscape and construction experts how to make your project a successful one.
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Planning a landscape make over and don’t know where to start? Or need advice on how to improve your existing yard? The landscape experts can help, bring in photos and a site plan for discussion. 

Thinking of renovating and not sure what is possible? Talk planning, timing and how it all works with our renovation experts. 

Building a new home or renovating? Want to know what to expect, how long things take and what they may cost? Come chat with the Construction experts to understand what needs to be in place to ensure a successful project. 

- Donohoe Design Inc
Sheryl Clark Landscape Design
-  PSL Construction
-  Versa Home Renovations
-  Kemp Construction
-  Smithwood Builders
Building a new home + not sure where to start or have house plans on the go and want a second opinion? Our House Design experts can help. Bring in floor plans and ideas to discuss.

Already renovated or living in a new house but need the final touches to make it feel like a home? Our Décor experts can assist you with tips + tricks on how to complete the look.  Have questions about kitchen and bath design, materials to use in your new space? Need advise on plumbing or lighting fixtures? The Interior Designers will be able to help. Bring in photos, floor plans etc to be discussed. 
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Sarah Gallop Design

Plan your day with the schedule below:

Wednesday, February 22
4-5pm – Interior Design
5-6pm – Construction + Décor/Staging
6-7pm – Interior Design
7-8pm – Interior Design + Décor/Staging
8-9pm – Construction
Thursday, February 23
12-1pm – Interior Design
1-2pm – Construction
2-3pm – Interior Design + Décor/Staging
3-4pm – Landscape + Construction
4-5pm – Interior Design + Construction
5-6pm – Interior Design + Landscape
6-7pm – Renovation + Décor/Staging 
7-8pm – Interior Design
8-9pm – Renovation
Friday, February 24
12-1pm – Construction + Landscape
1-2pm – Interior Design
2-3pm – Landscape + Construction
3-4pm – Interior Design + Construction 
4-5pm – House Design + Décor/Staging
5-6pm – Interior Design + Construction
6-7pm – Décor/Staging + Landscape
7-8pm – Interior Design + Renovation
8-9pm – Interior Design + Landscape
Saturday, February 25
10-11am – Construction
11-12pm – House Design + Landscape
12-1pm – Interior Design + Décor/Staging
1-2pm – House Design + Construction
2-3pm – Décor/Staging + Landscape
3-4pm – Interior Design + Construction
4-5pm – Construction + Landscape
5-6pm – Interior Design + Construction
6-7pm – Landscape
7-8pm – Construction
8-9pm – Interior Design
Sunday, February 26
10-11am – Construction
11-12pm – Interior Design
12-1pm – Décor/Staging + Construction
1-2pm – House Design + Landscape
2-3pm – Décor/Staging + Renovation
3-4pm – Interior Design + Landscape
4-5pm – Renovation + Décor/Staging
5-6pm – House Design + Interior Design