Backyard porch with clock displayedTurn Back Time

Canada is one of the best countries in the world but it’s extreme seasons give our outdoor furniture a patriotic beating through the winter months. You can double and even triple the life of your backyard furniture if you protect it from harsh conditions. But it gets cold, we get busy, and the first miss on the fall ‘to do’ list is winterizing your backyard.

It’s simple; when you turn your clocks back an hour, prepare your property for the winter. Since it always lands on a weekend, it’s the perfect reminder to prep your seasonal items for the deep freeze.

Living space with open windowDIY but don’t forget to DIY

Everyone knows that DIY stands for ‘Do it Yourself’ and if hiring a designer isn’t in the budget then you’ve got to ‘Design it Yourself’ too! We often see homeowners tackling their own backyard projects but they design each section at different times and forget about the bigger picture.  Even if this year is just a deck and the outdoor kitchen is on hold, design the entire project before you begin. Ask yourself what you might want to do in the future and plan for it –  A pipe dream today could be that sauna, pool or….Tree House Bunkie tomorrow!

Backyard with shed and soccer net

Create Zones No Matter the Size

Now that you’re planning your entire backyard, approach the layout just as you would approach your interior space. Start by taking the overall measurements of the yard then figure out how much space needs to be dedicated to each area. If your auto-cad skills are sub-par then use twine and wood stakes to plan your zones. This will ensure the scale of each zone makes sense with the property that you have to work within. Just because your yard is small, doesn’t mean you can’t pack a lot into it. 

Bonus tip:
Verify your property line on the lot certificate (should be with your home purchase documents) to ensure that you don’t build on your neighbour’s property. Even an inch can warrant a rebuild and cost you thousands. Don’t assume the existing fence is accurate - we’ve worked on yards with existing fences that were out as much as a foot!