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Grassroots Organic Dirt Supplements Co. Inc.

Grassroots Organic Dirt Supplements Co. Inc.
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Soil Booster plus is a 100% organic soil amendment made by Grassroots Organic. Our goal with the Soil Booster Plus product is to help gardeners achieve a healthy soil base so your plants or lawn can achieve their maximum growth potential. Adding a little Soil Booster to each of your garden plants will help the soil, gain nutrients to feed the root system of your plant. Spreading Soil Booster Plus over your lawn will help feed the missing nutrients, loosen the soil, let the roots of your lawn grow deeper and will help with water retention. Soil Booster Plus has also had great reviews with dealing with grub worm in the Vancouver area. Our new feature at this trade show will be a 25 pound pail Grassroots Organic is just coming out with in 2021. Check out our website at Check us out on social media. Grassroots Organic Dirt Supplement on Facebook, @GrassrootsOrga1 on Twitter.

Show Specials:

Our show deal is a 25 lbs. pail for $ 175.00 plus shipping and handling

New Products

Our newest product from Grassroots Organics is a 25 lbs. pail a perfect size for your lawn and gardens in the residential areas.

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